Our focus is on predictive maintenance services in the marine, mining, construction machines and on-road sectors:

“HIOTS Predictive Maintenance Solution” uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies to monitor plant conditions and trigger specific actions. This allows unplanned downtime to be predicted and prevented in real time.

Previously, companies only took corrective action when a problem arose, which is referred to as reactive maintenance. Then companies became more proactive in their maintenance strategies by planning machine and plant maintenance at fixed time intervals, a strategy known as preventive maintenance.

With the development of advanced IoT platforms and analytics, the “HIOTS Predictive Maintenance Solution“ enables real-time asset condition monitoring to predict when an error will occur long before it actually occurs. This has resulted in a number of benefits for the production and maintenance teams, including reduced downtime and costs, continuous uptime, and the identification of factors causing downtime.

Companies are interested in finding solutions to work more efficiently, for example by increasing machine availability and avoiding unplanned downtime. We have the solutions. With our standard and customized products and services, we improve your operations in terms of reliability and efficiency.

We offer a range of IoT products